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Fulfillment & Size Discrepancies

All items ship within 2 business days.  Tracking will be sent to you at that time if your email address is entered at checkout.  If it is not, your tracking information will be available at your order confirmation page.  All items sent within the contiguous United States should arrive within 5-7 business days, generally faster.

There have been some ongoing delays due to the pandemic but many of those supply chain issues have lessened.  All items are shipping from Tennessee.

Poster sizes listed are for reference sizing and some artwork will not allow for the sizes stipulated without cropping or stretching the image, which we will not do.  Due to this, some prints may be smaller on one edge than stated.  If you are purchasing a frame before receiving the print, please contact us for exact sizes.  All prints will be the sizes state on at least one edge (ie if the poster states 12"x18", it will be at least 12"x12" or 9"x18", etc).